When do clark and lana start dating

the only reason Clark and Lana are not together is because physically they can't.In 2009, Lana's place in history, destiny, and overall legacy is reveal to her by Imra Ardeen, a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the 31st century, who had traveled through time to Lana's present, the 21st century.As she slumped into a booth, Zoe the waitress brought her a steaming cup of coffee. "I cut off all her hair." Seeing Chloe's mortified expression, she started laughing. If they're not right for each other, eventually it'll burn out." With that, she rushed back to her job. "Zoe, what do you do when the guy you love is seeing another girl, especially one who doesn't deserve him? "That's not good enough for me," Chloe muttered to herself.

Kristin Kreuk, the actress that portrays her said this about Lana's character. had the courage to walk away from Clark, that her commitment to a greater good outweighed her very human desire to be with Clark.

That she saw that her love for Clark would never diminish, even if they could not be in the same vicinity. the best she could for humanity, that would counter some of the very reasons she loved Clark in the first place.” Lana Lang was born and raised in Smallville.

She attended elementary and high school with Clark Kent, with whom she had a romantic relationship.

She reveals to Lana that she grew up reading many stories about her, about all the hardships she had overcome and the incredible things she will go on to do.

She goes on to say that Lana is part of the reason Clark becomes the hero the Legion looks up to; referencing the many sacrifices she had made for him over the years.

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