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The concept of owning real estate and not owing anything on it all is practically pie-in-the-sky, but Beeny is here to meet those who have somehow managed it.

The property presenter is hosting new Channel 4 show, titled How to Live Mortgage Free.

They bought the former convent 10 years ago and were granted a wedding licence by East Riding Council in 2010, although couples were not allowed to get married 'over concerns for the health and safety of their registrars'.

The property developer said: 'Both Graham and I are so pleased that we are able to realise our dreams in bringing this beautiful house alive again and we look forward to sharing Rise Hall with future couples who are now able to get married here.'Speaking last year Beeny said: 'Every time we agree things, they say they want more things; I think our frustration is that Rise Hall is a really important significant building and everything has been done to a really high standard.

With her husband, Graham, and her brother, she set up her first property renovation company in 1996.

If the house doesn’t look in keeping with the street this could perhaps cause problems when selling at a later date Top Tip 7: Use your own DIY skills – try doing your own painting and decorating, or if you feel confident, try learning some basic plumbing or carpentry.At some point every Londoner passes a canal – usually after a night at the pub – and thinks ‘I should live on a barge’.29 year-old Kimberley is actually doing it, having bought the “shell” of an old Dutch barge for £18,000.If you live by the sea, then a property with a door that matches the ocean - ie blue - fares best, according to Jane Summers, senior sales negotiator at Marchand Petit.Meanwhile, those living in country villages should avoid paint altogether, going for a slick of varnish on bare wood to complement the natural environment.

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