Live updating line graph in wpf stories about internet dating

Zooming has been enabled - click and drag with the mouse on the plot area to zoom, double click to unzoom.

The zooms of each chart have also been bound to one another, so zooming on one chart will cause all visible charts to do the same.

Explore Extensions From the basic charts (line, column, pie etc.

We have got you covered - Fusion Charts comes with open-source plugins for popular libraries (j Query), frameworks (Angular JS & React) and languages (ASP. Now it's super easy to integrate Fusion Charts with your current stack.

The first and most important component is the Live Graph real-time plotter application.

Live Graph provides an open and very thoroughly documented API.

This allows programmers to seamlessly integrate any of Live Graph's functionality into their own software.

The example application plots real time data received from an accelerometer that’s mounted on an embedded device.

The data is streamed to the PC via a Serial COM port which happens to actually be over Bluetooth.

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