Hlstatsx stats not updating

i then joined the 28 player dustbowl server and also had no problems BUT there were only 8 players on. i'll try play again later (wifey time atm) and see if i can find a packed dustbowl with hlstats running. The issue is that whatever colour gets set on the player stats page (#FFFFFF was default) also gets set on the player stats on the servers page.

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Frankly it's making me question playing TF2 at all, which is a shame as I like the MPUK servers At least try and keep some servers pure, just for the people like me please I am not as negative about HLStats X as i was before but i still think the hud display is incredibly annoying!

Seriously, it was just engineers going from the entrance of the base to the stockpile in the base and back, building stuff and wiping it.

Consequently, this stats thing is entirely useless, as there seems to be absolutely no way to prevent this kind of statpadding, which is something that I thought I'd left behind with Battlefield2. I was on Allmaps earlier with a group of like-minded people who kindly demonstrated how abusable the system in place is.

(btw, There was some strange lag last night on the Multiplay servers, around 10-11 oclock.

Why on earth would they also get points for demolishing their own building !

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