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We always hear of men constantly having sex on the brain but we know you are the same 😜 I will say personally, even with a healthy sex life I reckon I still masturbate about twice a week, do you take any chance you can when home alone or is it really just a man thing.Some interesting responses on here, I know personally that my oh satisfies me sexually, we are very active, but masturbation is still just a nice enjoyable extra, its not a case of needing it or not getting enough, just extra. I masturbate once a week and my partner once or twice a week.Like last night, just couldn't get into it and I'm on my own today so no doubt I'll have a little go today. I do find it hard to believe that so many people's partners don't masturbate...I know, that's what I was thinking, it's like if you masturbate then there must be something wrong in the bedroom which is far from the truth, it's just nice to make the most of quiet time for me, just chill out and have a nice **** 😊 For women it's a different kind of pleasure though.Click here to find the ladies whom you can start Cam Share with.

It has been fairly hot the past few days so after I clocked out I changed into some basketball shorts, leaving my underwear off. Β» Read more I was in my early teens when I first tried to jack off.

This was a time when we went together for vacation. Β» Read more OK, so I was sitting in my room listening to some music when I heard my sister come in with her boyfriend, Dan.

She was with her children and husband and I was alone with only my son. My sister is 19, and has big C cup tits, a good figure, and long blonde hair.

Thank you all for making this a wonderful place for seven years.

If you are reading this, you are probably feeling upset with yourself for needing to masturbate often.

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