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The best way to do this is with the full participation of farmers' organizations and civil society.Now that Burundi’s government has pledged to increase the agricultural budget, it must not waste this historic moment to achieve significant progress for the country.Most remarkable is the fact that provisions to ensure quota requirements, which are set at 30% minimum, did not have to be invoked in order to reach these figures.In contrast, the 30% quota was only reached after seats were added in the 2005 elections.Reception of repatriates and assistance to Congolese refugees is conducted under a tripartite agreement between Caritas Burundi, UNHCR and WFP, while the fight against malnutrition in the eastern provinces (Canzuko and Ruyigi) is carried out by a consortium with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the International Medical Corps (IMC) as part of the Tubaramure project.

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The work of women farmers is at the core of agriculture in Burundi, but they have few rights and very limited access to resources.

Investment in the primary sector is essential, and in order to contribute to the country's development, agricultural spending must be directed to where it is needed most.

Thanks to its presence on the ground dating back more than 50 years, and with its 8 diocesan Caritas and 146 parish Caritas, the organisation has managed to carry out actions that reach the remotest areas of the country.

Within this autonomous network, Caritas Burundi plays a coordinating role via the National Secretariat, on behalf of all its special partners, with a view to complementing their efforts and consolidating their resources.

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