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A child may have fallen from a height, such as in a playground, and hit their head.Most skull fractures in children are caused when children are playing. There are four main types of skull fracture: If a child has hit their head it is vital they are checked by a doctor.At the same time, it is essential that suspicion is not raised inappropriately as the consequences for an innocent but accused parent or guardian are significant.A skeletal survey is performed in cases of suspected abuse to assess and document the extent of previous skeletal injuries.When evaluating the child/adolescent with a suspected acute injury, the history and physical examination determine the use of radiology.The decision-making process is guided by the quality of information that can be obtained.When the child/adolescent is too young, has abnormal development, significant trauma, or a co-morbidity that makes the history less reliable, additional sources of a history play an important role.

Radiological evaluation to detect acute skeletal injuries most commonly involves the use of "plain" X-rays.

A head injury or skull fracture can be very serious, even if the child initially seems fine.

As the skull protects the brain, a skull fracture can also cause a brain injury.

A typical skeletal survey comprises plain films of the following: The ability to date injuries is critical for medicolegal purposes, and thus must be done carefully (please refer to specialist text for specific guidelines). Metaphyseal (and costochondral junction) injuries do not heal with periosteal reaction and if visible are less than 4 weeks old.

Traumatic periosteal injury can be seen up to 7 days post injury (and therefore can be used for dating). Skull fractures also do not heal with periosteal reaction and if seen are less than 2 weeks old.

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