Breast cancer survivor dating

I had an upper right lobectomy surgery on 1/10/2010 @stage1.

Alternatively, you can keep the head under wraps and let a new guy get to know the other-than-cancer YOU, ya know?For instance, you love working out and fitness, maybe a couple key questions to see if you like the same types of activities. The ones I read about in my area you get a score type card that you turn in at the end of the evening. Could the organizers of the event possibly answer your questions? As for me, I think I got my cancer progression under control now and am getting ready to go on disability.In the meantime I am still playing the field online but am starting to flirt a little more. Lu Ann Jun 25, 2007 PM jpann39 wrote: Ive started the dating game again too..currently dating (or something like that) a man I have known for alot of years, but for some reason we never hooked up until recently...Fit Chik wrote: We had a fun thread going for quite awhile there all about post-BC to's and the unique issues that arise for us as survivors. Though still seeing my HUG (hook-up guy), my eyes are staying wide open. Maybe a few potential recruits at the putting green, but then I'm always with my HUG there. So here's what I plan for my next adventure....speed dating!I guess all of us either met our matches (don't look at me! Never done it, but found out a few days ago that there's a very successful service right here in my local area.

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