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I’m single, people." But, there was a point in time not so long ago when she didn't seem so single.

He's a football player for the University of Nevada and has his own line of beanies. He posted this sweet snapshot to his Instagram page two months ago with the caption: "miss you and love you @kendalljenner 😘❤" So, it's pretty reasonable to say these two The last time Brooks posted a picture with Kendall was on September 2.

But, he stopped following her on Twitter (he does follow Kylie and Kris, though). Here's the second: 's "insiders" reported today that the 17-year-old is actually dating a rapper named Jah-youth Lopez, who goes by Young Jinsu.

"They're dating – it's been at least a few months," a source "close to the couple" told the magazine.

"They've been getting closer recently, and they've been hanging out all the time." (Okay, but a "few months" ago, Kendall was pretty obviously still with Brooks...)The "evidence" used to back up this alleged new relationship is a sunset Instagram shot of the rapper and a girl with long hair.

Jinsu then called Justin a little boy and some other stuff.

My feelings on it is that Jinsu was defending his girlfriend which he should be doing, but for him to get into a argument between fans was very stupid of him.

Justin Biebers fans are extreamly rude and need some help, Im 19 and I have had some really hard crushes on stars in the pass but never have I ever felt the need to be rude to anybody else because of it.

Recent news of pregnancy and child Ameera while kept in one side, she seems to be nearer with Ronnie Black; who is her ex-boyfriend and father of Ameera. Today we will be discussing about Jasmine Villegas dating history, and boyfriend counts!

Villegas is now stated to be single, but was linked with 3 people in past. The first boyfriend of Jasmine known publicly is Justin Bieber.

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